Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Long Winter Fun!

Emmie with lip gloss.
It's now well into 2011. The Kiehl family has been busy. Shawn has now been at Walmart in Excelsior Springs for about four months. We are so thankful that he is working. Praise the Lord! He is actively looking for full time but nothing seems to come his way. I of course am always looking for him. It is so frustrating when you have a teaching degree and you don't get any calls for any good jobs. We even have revamped his resume thanks to my cousin Jaime. I am hard at work at Job Corps still. I have a wonderful job that is really flexible with my family. The last two months we have been working on the house. We have put an outdoor light up, fix the hose on the kitchen sink, sealer around the tub, organized the laundry area, rearranged things, rearranage again, got a new King size bed, spare bedroom in the works.. now we are choosing paint. that's a chore with an art major husband. I tell him all the time... woman are good at home decorating and style NOT MEN!!! He always want to put his two cents in.. imagine that. :-)
We are gearing up for Emory's 3rd Birthday. Can you believe this little one will be 3 at the end of March. We are planning an elephant/pink/grey theme... This will be the first birthday at our house.
more to come from thefamilyondunbar....
many kisses and hugs from us.
The Kiehl Family!

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