Friday, October 23, 2009

A few pictures from this past week.

Swinging at the park with mommy and daddy.

Emory in the bath.
Boo-tiful Emory!

This week at the Kiehl's house we are gearing up for the Mom's 2 Moms Sale at Liberty United Methodist Church, Liberty-Missouri. I have organized, priced, hung items on their hangers and put them in the bins. Thanks to Grandma Roxie and Papa Dave for endless nights in helping me get things in order. I honestly could not do my crazy life with out my lovely parents. Thanks so much. If your at the the sale this weekend come see me.. I have items from 3months-24 months and toys.
Happy Fall!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Emory's First Train Ride

Emory got a chance to ride the little train in Atchison last weekend with her dad. Papa Gene was driving the engine. Emory wasn't for sure about it but then got use to the nosies from the engine. We also spent the day at Oktoberfest in Atchison. We ate at Taco John's, bought Emory a walking duck, ate funnel cakes, took a Walmart trip, saw aunt katie and uncle luke and enjoy the fall October weekend. Happy October!!!!!

Dave Mathews Band Concert!!!

Shawn and I at the Dave Mathews Concert... this is our second one together. This is one of our favorite bands.... we also got to hear Willie Nelson (old fart)!!!!!
Look how close we were. 13th row but not on the floor. We had such good seats.

Getting ready for Dave Mathews to come out on stage!!!!