Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Picture!!!

Here is our little Emory being so good while we take her Christmas picture. We had to keep her occupied with ornaments from the tree. She is just a joy to Shawn and I. More to come....

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Dixie said...

Could there be a more precious and beautiful lil' girl?! No doubt, only her mother when she was little.

Forgive me for the delayed response, it took a while for me to receive private lessons for "blogs." As I get older I have less and less confidence regarding new technology. I have zero experience with blogs. The joke was on me, I thought it would be complicated...I'm such a nut!

You look so blissful and truly happy in your pictures. I was misty as I gazed at each one. You have a wonderful and beautiful family. Blessings and hugs to each of you.

Thank you for staying in touch and inviting us to share in your blog. We're truly honored. We think of you so often and have such warm memories. Best wishes to you as you share your first Christmas together.

Warm regards, Frank and Dix